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6 Feb

Top destinations in the north for a New Year visit

Holy temples and pagodas around the north are popular destinations for those wanting to make a pilgrimage journey to pray for good luck and happiness over the first days of the lunar New Year.

Huong (Perfumed) pagoda in My Duc district, Hanoi is a popular destination for pilgrims. The Huong pagoda festival begins on the sixth day of the first lunar month of New Year and lasts until March.

Ba Chua Kho Temple in northern Bac Ninh province attracts thousands of pilgrims who pray for good fortune in their business activities.

Tram Temple in Nam Dinh province is often packed with visitors who want to ask for a seal to secure a promotion in their careers.

Bac Le Temple in Lang Son is an example of well-preserved ancient architecture and contains many valuable antique relics.

Yen Tu pagoda in Quang Ninh province is an iconic place for Buddhist followers in the New Year.

Bai Dinh pagoda, one of Vietnam’s largest pagodas, is located among Trang An Landscape Complex in Ninh Binh province. The Bai Dinh pagoda festival opens on the sixth day of the first lunar month and lasts until March.

Dau pagoda in Bac Ninh province opens annually on January 17 (lunar month) at Dau Village.

Truc Lam Tay Thien monastery in Vinh Phuc province.

Phu Tay Ho (Tay Ho temple) is one of the holiest temples in Hanoi, where people visit to worship the Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh.

Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda is situated on Fansipan Peak, which opened only recently in late January. Tourists must pay VND700,000 per adult and VND500,000 per child to travel by cable car to Fansipan Peak.

Hanh Cung Vu Lam is a picturesque tourist attraction in Trang An Scenic Landscape complex in the northern province of Ninh Binh.

Trang An eco-tourism site is part of the Trang An Scenic Landscape complex located in Ninh Binh province. Tourists can navigate the area by boat with tickets priced at VND45,000 per person for access to the site.

Source: Vietnam Visits

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